Events Calendar

20/08/2018 11:17
The Mirror House Will be Open during the Eid Al Adha Holiday
30/08/2017 13:55
The Mirror House will be Closed Every Monday of the week  
01/08/2017 00:00
Book your Tour between Tuesday and Sunday (Monday Closed)  9 am and 6 pm LOCAL RESERVATIONS Call 22518522  INTERNATIONAL RESERVATIONS  WhatsApp +96550747677  Email    
28/05/2017 17:51
Starting from beginning of May, we have facilitated a new method of payment for our customers so they can shop freely in the Mirror House Gift Shop without having to worry about carrying large sums of cash. It is easy and safe. Through the use of "My Fatoora", an online payment application,...
01/01/2017 15:56
Mirror House new ticket fees (Please check NEWS for details) Opening of new Gift Shop (Please see NEWS for details)
23/12/2013 00:02
This is our official website for the Mirror House, also called House of Mirrors, and known as The Khalifa and Lidia Qattan Art Museum