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01/01/2017 15:56
Mirror House new ticket fees (Please check NEWS for details) Opening of new Gift Shop (Please see NEWS for details)
25/12/2016 14:54
  Adults - KD3 Children - KD2  CASH ONLY PLEASE!
18/12/2016 15:04
THE GIFT SHOP We have finally opened our new Gift Shop! Items range from;  Magnets, coffee mugs,  key chains,  Caps, books, necklesses, charms, pens, notebooks, puzzles, fans, Unicorns, Dolphins, Glass and window stickers and ofcoarse the artist's many original paintings and...
28/06/2016 22:26
A new service will be added to the Mirror House which many visitors have requested including school children; that is the addition of a Gift Shop. There is a lot of preparation that goes into this project, therefore it will take sometime before its final fulfilment. We hope to have it available by...
14/06/2016 22:08
Artist Lidia Qattan began work on a new Ramp Project for the Entrance for visitors who use wheelchairs. The idea of building a ramp is an old one, where the artist commissioned a carpenter back in 2005 to make a wooden removable ramp. However, due to a recent accident the artist herself suffred...
16/10/2015 23:33
BRAVO! Your business rated "excellent" by 35 travelers!
24/09/2015 23:39
Congratulations!  Mirror House is getting rave reviews
19/05/2015 23:43
  Congratulations to Mirror House! TripAdvisor is delighted to award Mirror House the 2015 Certificate of Excellence. This achievement is a direct result of your consistently great reviews fromTripAdvisor travelers  
01/03/2015 13:22
One of our many visitors has kindly designed a map that shows The Mirror House location in Qadisiya, Kuwait city. We hope this map can assist you in locating our museum.  
23/12/2013 00:02
This is our official website for the Mirror House, also called House of Mirrors, and known as The Khalifa and Lidia Qattan Art Museum
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The Mirror House Qadisiya block 9, street 94, house 17