02/01/2021 23:24
1- All visitors MUST take a COVID-19 Questionnaire prior to booking their appointment (Please go to the COVID-19 FORM to submit your reply)
2- All Tours are PRIVATE. 
3- Masks MUST be worn at ALL TIMES.
4- Shoes MUST be left in the cubicles before entering the MAIN building (after ticket purchase)
5- Slippers (for rent or purchase) are to be picked up from the gift shop before entry. Visitors may NOT enter with only their socks. Visitors may NOT bring their own slippers even if they are clean, new and in sealed bags!
6- All used slippers are regulary cleaned and sanitized.
7- For our "little" guests, we DO NOT have rented slippers, only NEW ones.
8- All visitors MUST sanitize their hands/gloves at the ticket counter.
9- Baby Prams are NOT allowed inside the premises due to safety measures. Parents will have to hold their babies in their arms or baby carrier.


The Mirror House Qadisiya block 9, street 94, house 17

+965-50747677 (WhatsApp ONLY!)